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Violet-blue pansies-pansy flower photos

Blue and violet pansies are also lovely spring flowers.
We have them planted everywhere in the town and their pretty faces smile in the spring sunshine.
Blue pansy-macro
Violet pansies


Unknown said...

Roses are red, violets are blue.. as the song says...
And I love all the pictures of any flower..
Thanks for sharing

Digital Flower Pictures said...

These are really nice flowers. I had to take several flats of Pansies to work in the Jeep Cherokee the other day and they smelled great. Something I didn't know.

Kathy said...

Pansies are such an old flower and they never seem to change. I remember being a young girl 60 years ago and admiring the pansies lining the walkways of the rich people in the town where I lived. Isn't it wonderful that everyone can now have pansies!

Petit Eyekiss said...

I hope I will have much of penseés this year.My seedlings are growong.

ruma said...

Vă mulţumim pentru afişarea peisaj minunat.
Acesta este un festival de culori foarte frumoase.

fotografia dvs. splendida sporeşte şi mai mult farmec.

Din Orientul Îndepărtat.
Cele mai bune urări.

Unknown said...

A stunning photo of beautiful flowers. Thanks so much for posting these incredible delights of nature.

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