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White purple flamed lily tulip-late blooming tulip macro photo

Late Spring Blooming- Lily Tulips are blooming from mid- to late spring.

These beautiful tulips bloom with an elegant white-purple color form early to mid May.

Their narrow pointed petals that curled outward are decorated with contrasting purple strikes.

They should be plant in sheltered areas, protected by wind.

Have a close look of this elegant spring beauty.
White-purple flamed Lily Tulip


Kathy said...

Another dramatic tulip photo for you! I love that dramatic fuschia combined with the creamy white. Beautiful contrast.

You had asked if my photo of the Franciscan church was straight out of the camera. It was! Not even a crop on that one. Just lucky I guess.

Have a great day.

Petit Eyekiss said...

Beautiful color. I have never seen such a tulip before.

Kilauea Poetry said...

It's an obsession isn't it? ha..gorgeous!! So are the yellow parrot tulips below-

Johnny Nutcase said...

i love the color patterns -really neat!

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