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Yellow fringed tulips-crispa tulip photos

Fringed tulips also known as Crispa tulips or Lace tulips are single late tulips and they bloom late in the season.
The petals of fringed tulips look similar to a frayed edge of satin fabric.
These very elegant tulips can be found in the most magnificent colors known to tulips; pink, peach, yellow, red, purple, white and also bi-color varieties.
The fringe can be in the same or in a contrasting color.

This bright yellow fringed tulip is called Fringed Elegance.
Yellow fringed tulip-macro
Besides the ruffled edges of the petals this one has a red flamed petal too.
Yellow fringed tulip-macro photo
Yellow fringed tulip-crispa tulip
I'll post other colors of these beautiful, non traditional tulips too, in future posts.
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Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi Maia! Thanks for not giving up, ha. I'm getting there. Have to make a quick run to the store but will be back to do some blogging hopefully. Those honestly don't look real!! Awesome and delightful flowers!

Self Sagacity said...

Ohmygosh! Are you a total flower photographer or what? They are so Beau-ti-ful.

Unknown said...

I have never seen tulips like these before, they are gorgeous! I'm amazed!

Maria Zélia said...

São lindas as tulipas! É uma coleção de pura beleza... Tenho visto algumas por aqui, mas me preocupo com a sua durabilidade, nosso clima é muito quente e elas acabam sentindo e definhando. Conformo-me em apenas contemplá-las, são divinas!

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