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Yellow parrot tulip pictures-Monsella Tulips

These fully opened Monsella Tulips are an amazing color display in the garden during late March and April. With their big and fluffy flower head, the blooms look like parrot tulips but they are not.

Monsella Tulips are slightly fragrant and have a striking color combination with bright yellow petals painted with red streaks.
"Tulipa Monsella" are double early tulips featuring large and long-lasting flowers on short sturdy stems.

Double Early Tulips are short plants, generally 30cm (12 in) tall.
They should be planted in places protected by strong wind.
Yellow parrot tulip


Kathy said...

These are so fancy!

Louise | Italy said...

Look at those wonderful colours. Tulips are sooooo brash you just can't avoid feeling bouncy when they're blooming! Nice pic.

Unknown said...

Beautiful colorful flowers..
Great photographs..

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