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Yellow wild roses-pictures

Two lovely yellow wild roses are a beautiful scene too.
Yellow wild roses


ruma said...

The flowers which you catch are really transparent.
There seem to be them right in front of my eyes.

Your photography is splendid surely!!

From the Far East.
Best regards.

Unknown said...

Love your macros.. So beautifully done..
have a nice day..

Kathy said...

Maia - Thanks for your comment on my request for advice on photo software. So glad you finally tipped the scale because every single person recommended something different until you came along! I will definitely try the Picassa first. My daughter also says she has heard good things about it. Free is definitely good news -- especially for an amateaur like me. Thanks again.

This yellow rose is another beautiful flower macro in your collections!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful shade of yellow you've captured!

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