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Campanula persicifolia-Peach-leaved Bellflower

Campanula persicifolia - Peach-leaved Bellflower is a classic beauty flowering in June.
The tall bellflower produces large white cup-shaped flowers on slender stems.
As they like moist, they are very happy after the long period of rainy days and they are blooming everywhere, even on the road, near the sidewalk.
Bellflowers vary in size, shape, and plant form but are usually white and various shades of blue, lavender.
The botanical name for this perennial, campanula, is from the Latin word for bell and refers to the shape of the flowers.
Bellflower-Campanula persicifolia
White bellflower macro-CampanulaBellflowers attract bees and there are many of them on the flowers.
Campanula persicifolia-white bellflowers
Campanula persicifolia-Peach-leaved Bellflower
"The garden's silence: even the single bee
Persisting in his toil, suddenly stopped,
And where he hid you only could surmise
By some campanula chalice set a-swing.
Who stammered--"Yes, I love you?"

-Robert Browning

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Unknown said...

great macros maia.

Anonymous said...

They are such pretty flowers Maia!

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

they are lovely flowers and great photos of them. I had to dig out a load of the blue ones as they were starting to become a weed.

Larry said...

I've often wondered about growing these... they are really very beautiful and I love the pure white... Larry

Paula said...

Amzing blooms! Thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

Tootsie said...

awesome photos!!! very pretty indeed!
Thanks for linking in...hope to see you again next Friday!

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