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Flowering garden trees-Laburnum tree

Laburnum, the yellow flowering garden tree is in full bloom in May and its radiant hanging flowers are a spectacular sight.
The abundant, bright yellow flowers of the Laburnum are responsible for its nickname, Golden Rain or the Golden Chain tree.
Flowering Golden Rain tree
Laburnum is native to center and south of Europe.
The bright yellow, hanging flower clusters are very showy, especially planted in the neighborhood of contrasting, purple Chinese Wisteria vine or trees from the same family, blooming at the same period of the year.

The flowers, leaves and seed pods are also very similar to those of the Black locust tree with one major exception: all parts of the  Laburnum tree are poisonous.
Its pea-like seeds can be very dangerous for small, inquisitive children.
Laburnum-Golden Rain tree flowers
Laburnum tree seedsLarge green pods develop from the flowers each year, which when ripe, turn brown and split. The seeds and every other part of the tree are poisonous, 15-20 seeds would constitute a lethal dose, if ingested.
In this last picture are visible the pods from last year, still hanging in the tree.

Another great companion for color combination in the landscape is the May flowering Redbud tree, with pink and magenta, pea-like flowers.


Kathy said...

The blossoms almost look like orchids.

Isn't it interesting that the blossoms and/or leaves of so many flowering trees are poisonous? My neighbor's little dog is being treated for toxicity right now for having eaten magnolia blossoms! The kids fed them to him! We also have a lot of oleanders here in Phoenix and they are also highly toxic.

Unknown said...

Great photographs.
Those tress must be really be a sight to see.

Splendid Little Stars said...

lovely tree, gorgeous photos! too bad it's poisonous.

Anonymous said...

I do not see this tree where I live - the blossoms are gorgeous!

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Just wait another 2 weeks and I'll be showing you mine! There are just a few little buds starting to open up. I love this tree - some neighbours were not too happy about me planting it in my front garden - but I was brought up around this tree and also taught my children not to eat the seeds from this plant nor chew on the leaves or stems.

Betty Manousos said...

I love those photos!
I love the sun light through them!
Very well captured!
Have a great day!

Self Sagacity said...

How wonderful if I could have it hanging over my porch, so pretty to see every morning...

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