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Macro Flowers Saturday #10-Lily of the valley

Welcome to Macro Flowers Saturday!

Nice weekend to you all!

My contribution is the sweet scented Lily of the valley, another symbol of May.
The sight and fragrance of these small bell-shaped flowers have delighted poets and gardeners for centuries.
Many superstitions surround this ancient plant, one of which is that the nightingale is unable to sing until lilies bloom and fill the air with their lovely fragrance.
Lily of the valley-close-up
Although the delicate blossoms suggest purity, the berries and foliage, as well as the blossoms, are poisonous.
Lily of the valley
First time visitors, please read the rules:
1) Post a photograph taken by you that contains a flower macro;
2) Add your name and link to linky list and make sure your link is a "permalink" and goes directly to your Macro Flowers Saturday post.
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4) Please visit and show your appreciation by commenting on other Macro Flowers Saturday participants' beautiful work.
This meme starts Friday 5 pm GMT. The list with past entries is at Macro Flowers Saturday archive page.

Have a pleasant stay!


Manang Kim said...

This tiny flower just smell so good!! I have to plant this flower this year for next years blossom. ^_^ Happy weekend! Mine is up!

Petit Eyekiss said...

When I see this flowers I know that spring is here. It also reminds me of a fragance from Christian Dior "Diorissimo"

Quilt Works said...

I love lily of the valley! So delicate, and the smell is heavenly!

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

Our lily of the valley are in full bloom here, but we didn't smell anything..must try again!

Nance said...

Lily of the Valley are a charmer, I pick a few from my garden for our bathroom, they smell so sweet!

Ebie said...

My first time to join this meme.

These are pretty, and they almost look like snow drops, but maybe I am wrong.

Maude Lynn said...


Judy said...

So glad I have found you again - I lost you for a couple of weeks. I am having the devil of a time getting the link to work, and no time to play with it. But I have you bookmarked now, so I can work on the link next week. Yes, I have followed the instructions, three times.
And I love you lily of the valley photos!!!

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