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Old Poplar tree is down

This old Canadian Poplar was a rarity in the city. It was 32 m high, 2.8 m in diameter and about 150 years old.
As the building of the new sports arena advanced, its roots were damaged during excavation.
Developers well known care for nature.
Stadium builders had to remove the impressive poplar because it endangered the safety of work and bystanders.

This ten meters high and over 21 tonnes section of the old poplar tree was brought to the Botanical Garden.
After being treated and conserved, the trunk is expected to hold at least three decades, for visitors to admire it.
Canadian Poplar trunk
Section of old Poplar tree


Betty Manousos said...

That is amazing!
Love the photos!

Tomas said...

The Old Polar tree caught my I eye at a glimpse. The informative post awoke the thoughts. The trunks always look so symbolical - as if ask us to recognize ourselves in them and thus give us a good shake : the visions force us to ask ourselves:
would people, who admire the giant-like trunks, look likewise at us and our arts?
Thank you for the wonderful challenge.

Kathy said...

Very sad but with the inner trunk in a diseased condition and hollowed out it definitely was not safe to leave it standing.

Kimberly said...

Maia, these are lovely photos of this big old tree! Very cool!

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