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Garden of pink roses

Another rose garden, this time with all shades of pink roses.
I love these candy pink roses and bees love them too.
Garden of pink roses
There is a bee in almost each rose head but they let me take some shots without incidents.

Bee in the middle of a rose
That's it, I'm coming out!
Bee among rose petals


Joanne Olivieri said...

Pink roses are just so soft and pretty. Love the bee finally coming up for air :D These are beautiful shots.

Kathy said...

In my book, there's nothing more beautiful than a pink rose. Thanks for sharing this wonderful collection!

Barbara said...

Just wanted to say that the bee is amazing ... and I really enjoy your work!
Best wishes,

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Lovely roses Maia and a great photo of the bee coming out again - I would love to smell those but once the bees had left the bloom! Some of those bees move so fast don't they - risky business taking photos of bees.

Roan said...

Gorgeous! I love roses and have several varieties, but not pink. Maybe next year. ;)

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