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Macro Flowers Saturday #13-Wild rose (Rosa canina)-Dog rose

Welcome to Macro Flowers Saturday!

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Macro Flowers Saturday is a photo meme for macro photos and close-ups of flowers, garden flowers, wildflowers, blossoms, flowers with insects and butterflies (no insects without flowers), flowers with raindrops and whatever beautiful plants, plant seeds or berries you have, in close-up.

Many thanks to all participants, contributing with their beautiful photos!

On last Sunday's hike I've capture the flowering wild rose bushes (rosa canina) of early summer, blooming in the wild.
Wild rose bushes, also known as dog rose are native to Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia but I think it is known worldwide. They have clusters of scented blooms varying in color from almost white to a very deep pink, and have a delicate but refreshing fragrance.
Wild rose macro photo-Rosa canina
Wild rose close-up white
Pink rose-wild rose macro
Wild rose bush-Dog rose
The main flowering period in early summer is rather short, but the flowers develop into orange-red and bright red rose hips. It's the hips that make these wild rose bushes so valuable.
Rose hips, especially the Dog Rose (Rosa canina), are very rich in vitamin C and certain antioxidants and they are used for tea, syrup, puree, jam, jelly, sauce, marmalade and wine.
Rose hips have a tangy yet sweet flavor and can be used fresh, dried, or preserved.
Here are the new hips (picture bellow) and a little visitor too.
Spider on a wild rose
In my next post I'll share how to prepare rose hips for winter and some recipes too.

Please join and share your beautiful flowers!

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Have a great weekend!

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Kramer said...

That's an amazing shot of the spider.

Quilt Works said...

Love the blossoms - such great sharpness! And spider is perfectly framed by the petal - such a nice shot!

Sara Chapman said...

Your work is so very beautiful. Perfect lighting, exposure, color, sharpness, composition, and feeling. I love it.

Beverley Baird said...

What beautiful photos - beautiful flowers! Great shot of the spider!

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

The photos you have here show them so beautifully. I don't like all their thorns but despite that those hips are so valuable. I'm looking forward to seeing what you write about those. You might be in for a little surprise when you click Mr Linky today for mine - its the Forget me nots entry!

Self Sagacity said...

Yes, we have some of these types of rosa species as well. They are very resilient.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I am enjoying my wild roses this year. They are just blooming their heads off. Very delicate. Valerie

Olga Poltava said...

Beautiful shots. I love them all, but the last one with a tiny spider is so awesome!
I also love your Macro Flowers party. I'll try to join in the future.

SquirrelQueen said...

I am so very late but my post is up now.

What a wonderful hike you must have had with all those beautiful flowers. The wild roses are gorgeous and I do like the little spider on the rose hips.

Kilauea Poetry said...

I learned something new!! Wow, all this time I never realized there was a connection with the wild rose/Dogwood and rose hips! This is really cool!! Thank you for the beauty (everyone of these are enchanting & just perfect) as well as the knowledge you've shared!

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