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Oriental lily-Stargazer lily

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Sometimes buying flowers is not an easy task, especially with 36C+ (97F) on shadow sides.
Yesterday I had to buy some flowers for my niece's birthday. I was in a hurry and I wanted some beautiful, fresh seasonal flowers not a wedding bouquet, so I thought the best choice is to go to the flower vendors.
Bad idea, on a late Saturday afternoon there are not many vendor at a flower market and the flowers are even less tolerant to heat then the few, interested vendors.
So I ended up with an expensive bouquet of popular oriental lilies (Stargazer lilies) and calla lilies, not to my liking at all.
I took some photos though.
Oriental lilies-Stargazer lilies
Oriental lily stamens
Oriental lily stamens- macro
Oriental lily: stigma and stamens
Oriental lily: stigma and stamens
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Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Hi Maia - I grow stargazers in the garden - I prefer them in the garden rather than in a vase. Those pollen laden stamens are lethal. I normally take the stamens out of an arrangement as once that pollen gets on your clothes or on furnishings its so hard to get off again.

Have a lovely day Rosie :) Centre of Interest

Unknown said...

Gorgeous. I have red ones and yellow ones. I love the pink. Must get myself some in that color!

Joanne Olivieri said...

Than you so much for the information on these. There is nothing more exotic and stunning than oriental lilies. These are just so vivid in color and exciting to view.

Judy said...

Hey - I finally got the link to work!!!!!!! Yay me!
I agree about the pollen staining clothes - I have had to relegate a couple of shirts to dog-walking purposes only, after getting pollen on them. I can see what you mean about these flowers not being what you wanted, but I do love the photos of the stamens, all loaded with pollen!

Kilauea Poetry said...

This is a sweet thoughtful gift anyway for your niece! Interesting..I have to remember this but most times I wear very casual clothes (coming in I have to pull the leaves and twigs out of my hair) lol..anyay, I thik you took some nice shots-they are bright and colorful!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! I love Star Gazers! They smell great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors and details!

Sheri said...

And there we go. Stargazers. The most beautiful lilies ever. I keep meaning to grow some but forget.Thanks for sharing.

Jay said...

I used not to like lilies, but I've grown fonder of them as I've grown older. They are very showy, for sure, but there's something about them I like. One of my sons bought me a lily plant for Mother's Day this year and it bloomed vivid orange. Not my favourite colour, but I loved the flowers for all that!

~mel said...

Nothing says I love you like a bouquet of flowers! How sweet to give flowers to your niece for her birthday! Thank you for sharing.

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