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Pests on mimulus flower-help gardeners!

Help gardeners!

My beautiful Mimulus is attacked by these ugly green insects. These pests are all over the flower and their green color is a perfect camouflage to blend in with the leaves of the flower.
About a month ago I changed the soil in all my flowerpots.
I brought the soil from a friend's garden.
Usually I by the soil from the florist but there are so many types that I never know what to buy.
Besides these soils have pests and worms too.
Could anyone tell me what are these flower pests?
Pests on monkey flower
I've thrown the Monkey flower in the garbage but I am afraid that these insects will attack other flowers too, in case I brought them with the soil.
I saved some flower seeds from the Mimulus. Can I keep them or they could be infected too?
Monkey flower seeds
I took lots of photos of the Monkey flower when I bought it and I'll buy some new ones next year but I don't know if the rest of my flowers are safe of this pest.
Monkey flower pictures
Here are some macro photos of my beautiful Minulus-Monkey flower!

Please leave me some advices or opinions if you know this insect!

These beetles are about the size of a ladybug. I couldn't find any part of the part visibly damaged, no holes on the leaves, but the plant was not developing any more after I've changed the soil. Leaves became yellowish and the new flowers, smaller and smaller.
Mimulus is an annual plant and I thought this was its lifetime but than I noticed the pests.


Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Was the insect eating any of the leaves. What damage was it doing? A spray of a "Safers" soap solution with pyrethrin may have cured the problem or even a good spray with a hose outside. It does not appear to me to be a soil bourne pest.

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Maia it looks like a beetle or an aphid but I've never seen it before. If it eats the leaves of your plants then spray with a systemic insecticide. I'm not sure of brand names in your country but what I would use if I was really concerned is one called Provado. Or go the organic way and squish them between your fingertips.

I don't think they came in with the soil from your friend unless they had not hatched and were still eggs. Has she got the same problem?

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Maia I forgot to mention that the seeds you have saved will be fine to sow next year.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what that insect is, but we have ants eating our daylilies. It is always something when you're tending a garden!

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Maia I can get mimulus to reflower again the next year if its kept in a shady dampish spot. Was this plant kept in a sunny dry location maybe?

There could also be another reason - you've got seeds!

When a plant like this goes to seed - its done its job as far as its concerned it doesn't need to live any longer as its offspring are in those seeds. I think the solution the next time is to not let it go to seed. Keep dead heading the plant and feed with tomato fertiziler or any feed that has potash in it - don't feed with that miracle grow stuff as all it will do is produce loads of leafy green foliage .

Hope that helps you a little more and thankyou for your lovely comments over on my blog a few minutes ago. :)Rosie

Maia T said...

Thank you all for your help.
Rosie (leavesnblooms)thanks for the tips, I didn't know that I have to deadhead them, that was a mistake.
I don't use any more that "miracle grow stuff" either because the roots grow excessively too and on potted flowers I had to change the pot with bigger ones very often.
Next year I'll do a better job.

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