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Cosmos flowers

Cosmos flowers are at their flowering peak and this also means that summer is almost over.
They are part of the Asteraceae family, like sunflowers, Daisies and Asters.
This is the Cosmos bipinnatus, commonly known as Mexican Aster, with its broad ray florets and fine foliage of feathery leaves. In Hungarian, we call them butterfly flowers, because their petals are so delicate and easily carried by the wind.
The brightly colored flowers come in many variations, from white to different shades of pink and dark red.
Here are a few:
Purple cosmos flower-macro
Light purple cosmos flower

Dark red Cosmos and white aster
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Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

I've got no Cosmos growing in the garden this year - I love its whispy soft foliage aswell as its lovely pastel tall flowers.

Anonymous said...

I love this flower and its different colors!

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I took many pictures of these flowers, but didn't know the name. Thanks for the information!

Dani said...

wow. I like the radiant colors here. Magnificent.

L. Neusiedler said...

superb! they are splendid and delicate!

Anonymous said...

one of my was the first flower photo i ever took and inspired me to take, many more:)

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