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Beallara-Cambria Orchid photographs - white-purpe

The most difficult part of taking care of an orchid is not to care too much about it. They like to be left alone and they are happy with regular watering and fertilizing once in a while.
Though orchids are gorgeous flowers, they are in the same state for a long time, nothing new happens.
Being already bored of my Phals, I went to the new garden center, recently opened and having a huge greenhouse, to get some different types of orchids. They had many varieties of orchids but nothing exiting, except the gorgeous
Beallara-Cambria orchids.
Beallara-Cambria Orchids in greenhouse
This time, I checked all of them for diseases and spots on leaves, they all looked a little bit tired. Finally, I ended up with this one, from the picture and it assured the action for me for the rest of the day.
Beallara-Orchid Cambria
Beallaras or Cambria orchids are man-made, they don't naturally live in nature. Passionate horticultors have developed this beautiful hybrid by the cross of three other genera. Apparently Cambria orchids have inherited all the best characteristics of their multiple parents.
Not just that they have wonderful, bright colored, spotted flowers but they also supposed to be more home-friendly and the plant should thrive indoors with very little human intervention.
Cambria orchid-close up-Beallara
There is very little info about the Cambria orchids, there are more questions than answers on the net. This one was labeled just with Orchid Cambria, I think it's exact name is Beallara Tahoma Glacier.
Beallara Orchid-Cambria Tahoma Glacier-close up
I'm looking for some kind of orchid that is not so sensible to temperature variations. Right now, the day temperature, outside rises till 30° C and drops down to less than half during the night.
As I don't feel comfortable in a warm room, the temperature inside is low too and I don't know if I can find the right orchid for these conditions. Any suggestions?


Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

You have a wonderful grasp Maia of the english language - I fully undersand what you mean. I won't do any voting until the linky closes on Monday so that I don't miss any of this weekends entries.

As for Cambria's there is such a wonderful variety of them and many of them are scented aswell. That garden centre looks as if it has a wonderful choice too.

As for suggestions........... not to sure what ones to suggest as I am only used to working with ones that like cooler UK temperatures ...... if you go to my main blog roll on leavesnbloom I have one blog that is just about orchids and the owner of that blog might be able to suggest one for your conditions as she's not from the UK.

Have a lovely weekend

Jayne said...

That orchid is lovely. I don't have real plants in the house, for fear that my cats would eat them. But I do have some silk orchids :-) Wonder if I can get one of these in silk? lol

Ashley Sisk said...

These are beautiful. My husband tells me that he's got the flowers looking good again...maybe I'll go out and take some pictures this weekend.

Al said...

It was my dream to be a horticulturist when I was in grade school when I saw film about a woman who grows different orchids and I was amazed with it, unfortunately I wasn't able to do so. Maybe if I pursued with it I am now breeding different kinds of flowers like those lovely orchids in your post and that would make a lot of subject for macro flowers!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Gorgeous patterns on these orchids! An amazing variation and love the colour!

Roan said...

These orchids are amazing! One of these days, I'm going to try growing one. My vote: 25,11

Icy BC said...

I love these orchids! They are truly exotic..

My vote for the first week slide show is 6, 14, 7..Hope I'm doing it right..I'll be back for the second slide soon..

Maia T said...

Thank you Icy BC but just one photo for each week:
one from the first show, one from the second show and one from this weeks list.

Sara Chapman said...

Well, this was a lot more complicated than I really had time for, but who doesn't like to view flower close ups? May I suggest the system used by Color Carnival meme at

It displays all the entries side by side. You can click for a larger one, or not. Then the votes are tallied below the thumbnail after the voting ends. I also like her new system of allowing three votes per group. It's almost impossible to choose only one, especially as they scroll by one by one in your slideshow. Slowly.

My votes for #22 are 17m 23 and 27.
My votes for #23 are 12, 25, and 27. I am not voting for myself, and I don't see mention of that.

Anyway thanks for a great meme and a great idea. I'm sure the kinks will get ironed out.


P.S. Your english is great!

Lui said...

The orchids are beautiful! We get most of our plants as gifts from friends and we cross our fingers that they survive with clueless keepers and frisky dogs and no chemicals!

I will vote later. Too many beautiful entries and my PC is too slow! ;-(

Maia T said...

Thank you Sara.
after the way you voted, my English must be very bad but that is not something I can't correct now.
Thanks for the advice too.

Let's talk turkey:
- this is a blog that hosts a list of friends' links with the same interests, not a linklist.
- a blog has it's own content, unlike a liklist that has no own content and it feeds from your content (pictures and thumbs).
- a blog has archived pages while most linklists simply vanish the next week; just click the older posts at Skywatch or My World or whatever and see what you find.

So, no, we can't make it as at Color Carnival.

I offered one finger but won't give my arm, still I am open to pertinent ideas.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful petal pattern that Cambria Orchid has!

Joanne Olivieri said...

Gorgeous orchids. There are so many beautiful varieties. Here are my votes:

for MFS #22 - nr. 15
for MFS #23 - nr. 19

This was fun, thanks.

Jayne said...

or MFS #22 - nr. 6
for MFS #23 - nr. 3

I didn't vote for myself :-)

Mike B. @ said...

Votes for 13,3

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