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Painted lady butterfly-not Monarch-on Zinnia

Butterflies love the brightly colored Zinnia flowers.
The nectar of these brilliant hues of red, orange, yellow and purple flowers attract butterflies as a magnet.

Today, we had a windy day and my photos are not as I would like them to be.
A good friend identified this beautiful butterfly as a Painted lady. I thought it was a monarch but I was wrong.
Monarch Butterfly on purple Zinnia
Monarch Butterfly-close up
Monarch Butterfly on Pink Zinnia-macro
This is the Zinnia elegans and when butterflies love Zinnia flowers than they must be beautiful.
Zinnia elegans-close up


Jayne said...

Wow - beautiful!I had a zinnia of the same color, but it out out just a bloom or two and then fizzled.

Indrani said...

Beautiful captures.

Unknown said...

Great photographs.

Mrs. M said...

Lovely shots! I busied myself yesterday taking photos of butterflies on my zinnias. I didn't know that butterflies love zinnias. No wonder why they keep coming.

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

You got a photograph of a butterfly Maia! fantastic. It looks so peaceful resting on that flower.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful array of colors in these shots. What a beautiful butterfly.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I wish my zinnias would hurry up and bloom. Yours are so pretty and the painted lady.. wonderful.

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