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Spider under the mushrooms-macro photography

Actually, there was something hiding under the mushrooms from my previous post.
I didn't want to post so many photos in my last post but now, that Kathy mentioned the fairies underneath the mushrooms, I post the picture here.
Spider under the mushrooms-macro photography
Disappointed? Well, it's just a spider. I saw it only when I downloaded the shots from my camera.
It was a pleasant surprise, though the photo quality is ?.......accidental.


Indrani said...

Cool capture. :)

Ashley Sisk said...

That's pretty cool. Glad you shared.

Unknown said...

Great macro Maia. So beautiful.
I never thought of looking under the mushroom when i was taking photographs of the mushrooms shown in my latest post.

Mylene said...

This is a great accident :)

Kathy said...

A spider fairy! Or maybe it's a fairy spider! Isn't it fun to find something unexpected in your photo that you didn't even realize was going on!

Plus accidental photos are even more special than planned ones, in my book.

Have a great weekend.

Icy BC said...

Interesting looking mushroom, and the color is so pretty!

Jayne said...

Wonderful peek into the spider's world :-)

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