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Brugmansia-Angel's trumpet

Brugmansia, often mistakenly called Datura is a woody tree or bush with large, very dramatic, pendulous trumpet-shaped flowers. Though Brugmansia and Datura are closely related and both share the same common name-Angel's trumpet, in fact they are very different.

Brugmansia has pendulous flowers, in different colors, white, yellow, pink, orange or red, and have a delicate, attractive scent, most noticeable in early evening and at night.
Datura species are herbaceous bushes with erect (not pendulous) flowers, and most have spines on their fruit.
Brugmansia-Angel's trumpetThe building in the background is a recently built reformed church in my neighborhood, designed by Imre Makovecz, the famous Hungarian architect.
Brugmansia tree-Angel's trumpetThe light peach Brugmansia trees are in front of the church entrance. Though many of their flowers are wilted now, at the end of summer, there is still much beauty left on these trees.
Brugmansia in front of the church entrance
All parts of both Brugmansia and Datura contain dangerous levels of poison and may be fatal if ingested by humans or animals.
The odor of the flowers in a room causes considerable psychological aberration.
Peach Brugmansia
Peach Brugmabsia-Angel's trumpet


Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

I love the colour of these flowers Maia - and despite it being September the blooms are still good looking.

This is one plant I try to stay clear of. You need to wash your hands if you pick off a dead flower or a leaf.

Ok you better tell me what "psychological aberration" is as it sounds dreadful and I can't get a definition for it on google. :)

Kathy said...

Psychological aberration, huh? I think I may know some people who have been exposed to this plant! It is definitely beautiful. Thanks for the link back to your post about the church. Absolutely gorgeous!

Ruth said...

Beautiful blooms! Loved its sweet color and its name: angel's trumpet.

Thank you for hosting MFS. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.


NatureFootstep said...

it´s a pity, but I can´t remember ever seeing this beauty in real life. :(

Chattahoochee Valley Daily said...

Beautiful plant but scary, especially when you can't be in the same room with too many of them. My life has enough aberrations.

Icy BC said...

They do look like angels! The colors are so soft and gorgeous..

Maia T said...

Leavesnblooms, I just invented the term "psychological aberration" and I meant to summarize the effect of hallucinogens that cause subjective changes in perception, thought, emotion and consciousness.

Plants as datura, deadly nightshade, mandrake and henbane are deliriants, also called true hallucinogens and they are the oldest drugs used by human kind in medicine, religion, recreation and even as agents of chemical warfare.
Read about it here.

Lui said...

Oh no! I keep pestering my gardener sister to get one for our house Heaven and for some reason we both do not know kept postponing it for years! I love seeing those flowers around me and I always wanted one. Now, I think it is not just hallucinations but it can also be hypnotic! My bad. :-(

Joanne Olivieri said...

These are in bloom right now and just so beautiful with all the variations in color and hues. Your shots are stunning.

Tara said...

I have known them as Philippine lilies, am not just pretty sure if it really is this one but it looks like it.

~Flower Town

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Such pretty flowers but with a touch of death..

Jama said...

Beautiful colors on the flowers!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Love this, saw them the first time in the Highlands of Malaysia. Very refreshing to see temperate flowers in the tropics.

Roan said...

I've never seen these. They are beautiful. The color is one of my favorites! Just lovely!

Sara Chapman said...

A beautiful post of a ravishingly beautiful plant. And thanks for the info! I didn't know they were not datura but just related. I saw a group of them blooming in a conservatory recently. They are not that easy to photograph, either, with their amazing gracefulness hard to convey, at least for me.

Maria Berg said...

Sorry I missed the link before now it is there.
I have 3 Angel's trumpet but none will blossom at my place. I think I cut them back to much for the winter season inside. MB

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...


You are so observant. I have added this to my post.

As I look carefully, you are right. The leaves are longish oval. I think I was so engrossed with the beauty of the flower I didn't think of photographing the whole plant.

The spray of flowers shoot up about 18 inches. So the background leaves are most likely to be from another plant.

My Sister Margaret reminds us siblings of how carefully Mom and Dad use a toothbrush and soapy water and carefully removing the aphids. Seeing them together doing it on one plant now warms our heart. It was truly a symbol of their love for each other.

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