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Garden snail on statice flower-macro

I know, gardeners don't like garden snails but they are such interesting creatures.
This little garden snail was crawling on this spiny statice flowers. And if the spines were not enough, its little house is broken.
Statice flower
Garden snail-macro
Garden snail with broken house
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Kathy said...

Sweet pictures although I normally don't care for snails.

Maaike said...

a great shot

Anonymous said...

Nice details in these photos.

Jayne said...

Great photos. I don't normally care for snails either, but I find myself hoping this one does okay.

Carol said...

Wonderful detail.....such interesting creatures.

Lisa Gordon said...

Wonderful captures. Great detail.

Unknown said...

Oh I love that second shot! He makes for nice photos. :0)

DoanLegacy said...

Fantastic macro of the snail, Maia!

BTW-I thought you've shut down this blog when you started a new one for macro flower Saturday! I like what you're doing here too!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I always wanted to know the name of this Statice flower, the florist here use it a lot. Thanks.

A while back, i took a snail photo too, ours here are browner than yours. yours is golden and beautiful. Mine is like plain Jane.

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