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Jasmine Nightshade-Solanum jasminoides-Potato Vine

Jasmine Nightshade (Solanum jasminoides), also known as Potato Vine is a shrubby climber. This plant can reach 6 m in height and is very appreciated for its long flowering season.
Nightshade shrubs come into bloom in middle summer and persist till latest autumn.
Nightshade-Potato Vine
The star-shaped flowers are pure white to light blue, with prominent yellow stamens. The flowers are followed by small purple-black berries, toxic if ingested.
Potato Vine is relatively frost-hardy, it can withstand cold temperatures down to about 17-21°F (-6°C to -8°C), and even lower.
Solanum Jasminoides-Potato vine
Its evergreen leaves take a red tint during fall offering a spectacular view on fences and walls covered by Nightshade.
Solanum jasminoides - Jasmine Nightshade
Another member of the Solanaceae Family is the Chinese lantern plant.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful clarity in these images Maia.

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

That's a really nice bit of lighting on those blooms Maia :)

Joanne Olivieri said...

These are just so sweet and I do not think I've ever seen them. Beautiful captures, maia

Mylene said...

Very Lovely white flowers :)

Anne-Lise said...

You have captured the light in a very nice way! Lovely flowers! Have a nice day!

Jayne said...

Wonderful blooms Maia, I haven't seen them before. Very lovely.

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