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Yet another orchid photo-White Phalaenopsis orchid

Yet another orchid photo, two whispering white orchids.
Yes, I know, I have lots of them but I just can't have enough or these beautiful flower.

White Phalaenopsis orchid-close-up
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Changing mood with colors

I usually don't like photo touch ups, I like them the natural way, sharp and with high contrast.
Though, in most cases, my Canon gives me exactly what I want, sometimes it's tempting to play around with photos, changing mood with colors.
The first shot of the little Rapeseed flower (Brassica napus) is the one with the make up.
I feel more excitement in this one.
Rapeseed flower in warm tones
This is the original, in cool tones and a quite different mood (I think). When I look at it, I feel balance, inner peace, calm, back with my feet on the ground.
Rapeseed flower (Brassica napus)- in cool tones
Color has a huge impact on our emotional states and on our physical body.
Warm colors (red, yellow and orange) hype us up, while cooler colors (blue, purple and green) calm us down.

Red is the most emotionally intense color, it stimulates the heart to beat faster and increases breathing.
Green is the universal healing color, calming and refreshing. Clear perception, self- recognition, and compassion are associated with green.

While the general perception of cool and warm colors is universal, a color may become associated with a personal event (nice or ugly). By remembering that event (ex: your blue dress at the prom), every instance thereafter, that color may affect you differently then someone who doesn't have such an association.
We like our favorite colors because of the way those colors make us feel.

As you can see, color is more than simply decoration, it alters mood and also affects a person's state of mind and health.
Remember, when decorating, the power of colors can change how you feel!

Try it yourself; let your eyes rest for about 10 seconds on the first picture, then move down to the second one.

How do you feel?

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Coral red Begonia

Here are some bright, coral red begonias, for a beautiful Sunday.
Red begonia flowers

Red begonia close up

Hummingbird moth-macro and video

At the end of September, I was walking among the beautiful flowers of the flower center's garden.
This was the first time I ever saw a hummingbird moth.
At first I wasn't even paying attention, I thought it's a big bee. Then another one came, and another. They made such a noise that I had to inspect them more closely. They were sipping nectar from some pink flowers, through a long needle-like tube, while hovering their body in the air.
I was so excited, I thought they were hummingbirds. I've never seen a hummingbird either, but I was familiar with their feeding technique and their backwards flight.
They flew so fast that I couldn't see with my eyes their exact form and I ended up with just a blurred spot on my photos.
This is a Hummingbird Hawk moth feeding on a phlox flower.
Hummingbird Hawk moth feeding on a plox flower
The photo is courtesy of Wikipedia editor J-E Nystr'm (User:Janke), Finland. The wing action is frozen in this photo by using electronic flash.

Yet, this was a must have capture, so I started my camera. Hypnotized by their zipping flight and being afraid of scaring them off, I was not able to hold the camera quite still either but the result is acceptable.

Back home, searching on the web for similar photos, I found out that they are

Hummingbird moths

The Hummingbird moth is not just any ordinary moth.
Unlike other moths, Hummingbird moth is active during daytime, feeding in the morning and at dusk.
Those needle-like straws through which it feeds are called a proboscis. They can uncurl it and stick it deep within tubular flowers such as phlox, petunias, honeysuckle, and trumpet vine.

The adult Hummingbird Hawk moth has a ritualistic, daily feeding schedule and seems to fly his tour by the clock. Once it finds a flower source it likes, it becomes a loyal visitor and returns to it to feed, at approximately the same time each day.
Isn't that nice?
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My favorite orchid

This phalaenopsis is my favorite orchid; not that it is so sensational but it is content with my care.
It was small an insignificant for everyone when I bought it, though it already had an emerging spike. The little orchid opened all it's buds at my place and looks healthy, so far.
I often say that it is thankful for bringing it home.

Though the flower structure is different from other phalaenopsis flowers, there are so many types that I was not able to identify its exact name. On the label from the flower shop stays just phalaenopsis.
Purple Phalaenopsis orchid
Purple orchid-close up

If someone happens to know this type, please, let me know.
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Chyrsanthemums-Commemorating the Dead

All Saints' Day, on the 1st of November followed by All Souls' Day, on the 2nd of November are centuries-old traditions, celebrated by the Christian community.
On these days, Roman Catholics and Anglo-Catholic churches, all Western Christians, commemorate the faithful departed, The Day of Dead.

The traditions and activities that take place in celebration of the Day of the Dead are not universal. Different Christian traditions define, remember and respond to the the celebration of this day in very different ways.
In most countries, cemeteries are inundated with people who visit the graves of their loved ones with flowers, light candles and pray for the departed souls.

Pink chrysanthemums-Day of the Dead
In our parts (and not only), the special flowers offered on these days are Chrysanthemums.
Yellow chrysanthemum-macro photography
The graves covered with Chrysanthemums of all colors and sizes are an amazing view.
Yellow chrysanthemums covering a grave