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Changing mood with colors

I usually don't like photo touch ups, I like them the natural way, sharp and with high contrast.
Though, in most cases, my Canon gives me exactly what I want, sometimes it's tempting to play around with photos, changing mood with colors.
The first shot of the little Rapeseed flower (Brassica napus) is the one with the make up.
I feel more excitement in this one.
Rapeseed flower in warm tones
This is the original, in cool tones and a quite different mood (I think). When I look at it, I feel balance, inner peace, calm, back with my feet on the ground.
Rapeseed flower (Brassica napus)- in cool tones
Color has a huge impact on our emotional states and on our physical body.
Warm colors (red, yellow and orange) hype us up, while cooler colors (blue, purple and green) calm us down.

Red is the most emotionally intense color, it stimulates the heart to beat faster and increases breathing.
Green is the universal healing color, calming and refreshing. Clear perception, self- recognition, and compassion are associated with green.

While the general perception of cool and warm colors is universal, a color may become associated with a personal event (nice or ugly). By remembering that event (ex: your blue dress at the prom), every instance thereafter, that color may affect you differently then someone who doesn't have such an association.
We like our favorite colors because of the way those colors make us feel.

As you can see, color is more than simply decoration, it alters mood and also affects a person's state of mind and health.
Remember, when decorating, the power of colors can change how you feel!

Try it yourself; let your eyes rest for about 10 seconds on the first picture, then move down to the second one.

How do you feel?

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Kathy said...

Sometime a little color manipulation can be fun. This is one of those examples that both the warm and the cool treatments are outstanding, but I must say I think I like the warm best. The browns just meld with the golds so wonderfully. Of course, I may be just really into autumn colors these days and am leaning in that direction.

Jama said...

I like the second shot, more natural. I'm one person too lazy to do much editing, I used the simple Picasa.

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

lol Oh Maia I will eventually convince you to do a little more editing. I only started during the summer and it is fun but I don't use canvas and paints like you do so maybe it's my way of expressing my creativity.

I like what you did to your photo - I think it draws the eye more into the individual blooms - both are lovely btw.


Anonymous said...

I love the warm tones in your edit Maia. Very well done.

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Hi, gorgeous picture.. colors.. very interesting what you say.. is something that must be taken into account. you have nice pictures here..
I will keep coming by to see this wonderful space you have..

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I like the second one, green has a calming effect to me, though the first one is warm.

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