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Chyrsanthemums-Commemorating the Dead

All Saints' Day, on the 1st of November followed by All Souls' Day, on the 2nd of November are centuries-old traditions, celebrated by the Christian community.
On these days, Roman Catholics and Anglo-Catholic churches, all Western Christians, commemorate the faithful departed, The Day of Dead.

The traditions and activities that take place in celebration of the Day of the Dead are not universal. Different Christian traditions define, remember and respond to the the celebration of this day in very different ways.
In most countries, cemeteries are inundated with people who visit the graves of their loved ones with flowers, light candles and pray for the departed souls.

Pink chrysanthemums-Day of the Dead
In our parts (and not only), the special flowers offered on these days are Chrysanthemums.
Yellow chrysanthemum-macro photography
The graves covered with Chrysanthemums of all colors and sizes are an amazing view.
Yellow chrysanthemums covering a grave


Unknown said...

very nice and warm colors


Anonymous said...

Beautiful details in the first two images - I can almost smell their fragrance.

DoanLegacy said...

Gorgeous photos of these mums!

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