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Pink-purple spotted carnation flower picture

The Carnation is said to be January's Birth Flower.
This is a beautiful variety of carnation flower, having pink petals dotted and spotted at the edges with purple.
Pink carnation flower with purple edges-macro photo
Pink-purple spotted carnation flower


Kathy said...

Delightful! And it's even pink!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Incredible..what a beautiful flower for this month too! My mom loved these fact thats what it reminds me of..growing up in California.
Hope you are doing best, Regina-

Kathy said...

Maia, you asked about my camera. It's a Canon Rebel, just the entry-level variety. The pictures of the old courthouse were shot with the "kit" lens, 18-55 mm, with the exception of the dome detail which I used 55-250 mm. I have heard that February is the best time to buy a new camera; after the big electronics show and all the new models are released, older models are usually discounted in price.

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