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Vriesea splendens-Flaming Sword bromeliad-Vriesea hybrids

There are many varieties of vriesea bromeliads, producing different shade of the flowering spikes and leaf variegation.
Vriesea splendens or Flaming Sword is appreciated as houseplant for its flat, bright red flower spike with small yellow flowers and its colorful foliage.
The maroon banded leaves are displayed in a rosette form and the colorful pattern is responsible for the plants other name, the Zebra bromeliad.

Vriesea bromeliads are slow growing plants, they need 3-4 year to flower.
Vriesea splendens-Flaming SwordThe flower spike will last for several weeks.
After flowering, the Flaming Sword produces one or more offsets, while the mother plant slowly dies back.
  • Light: bright indirect light year-round;
  • Temperature: keep in a warm room at 21-27 ° C (70-80° F) ;
  • Water: keep the soil moist at all times, and refill the vase every 2 weeks with fresh water. Mist weekly, and keep in a humid environment.
  • Propagation: after flowering, allow the pup (offset) to grow until it is at least 20 cm (8 in) tall, than detach it and pot it up;
The next picture shows another variety of Vriesea hybrids, having greed leaves and red or orange flower spikes.
Vriesea hybrids


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

lovely when other people grow them, I was given a flowering plant, but it died.

Jama said...

So lovely!

Roan said...

The color is striking. Love the stripes on the leaves in the first shot. Great info, too.

Lui said...

So rare!
Our bromeliads are presently asleep. ;-)

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