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Slipper flower-Calceolaria-macro photo

Another interesting, tropical native flower from the garden center is the Calceolaria, also known as Slipper flower, Slipperwort, Pocket book flower.

This one in the photo is one of the Calceolaria Herbeohybrida Group. These hybrids are usually 30–45 cm (12 to 18 in) tall, or smaller.

They have soft stems and flowers are little slipper shaped, varying from yellow to red with spots of contrasting color .
Slipper flower-Calceolaria-macro photo
Calceolarias are annual plants in temperate regions but as most of them don't tolerate either frost, strong sun, or dry heat, it is a beautiful houseplant for me.
Calceolaria herbeohybrida-Slipper flower