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Drumstick primrose-Primula denticulata

Drumstick primrose - Primula denticulata is an early spring primula.
Primulas are originating from mountainous areas of Europe and Asia and they are very popular garden flowers in many parts of the world.

Drumstick primula - is not exactly an elegant name for this beautiful flower but it describes exactly how the flower looks like. In April stout flower stalks are pushing up through the bare soil which grow to between 10 and 40cm. On top of the flowers stalk the small flowers are arranged in a ball-shaped cluster.

In the wild, Drumstick primrose grows in wet, open meadows with flowers of a soft purple color with a yellow eye.
Primula denticulata-Drumstick primrose
The cultivated varieties, in shades of lavender, through purple, red, pink and white flowers put on a spectacular display in April and May.
Though the leaves are small and just starting to grow when the plant is flowering, they enlarge and can grow up to 30cm long taking up much room.
White Drumstick primrose-Primula denticulata macro
Like any primrose, Drumstick primrose likes moist soil. As soon as the soil dries out, they immediately start to droop their leaves, asking for water.
Purple Drumstick primrose flowers-Primula denticulata
This hardy perennial looks attractive planted in groups combined with daffodils, tulip sand other spring flowers, in borders and small flower beds.


SquirrelQueen said...

Oh how pretty, I like the lavender color of this one. This would be lovely mixed in with my tulips and our spring rains would keep it very happy.

Kathy said...

Glad you're back. You - and the pretty flower pictures - were missed.

Jama said...

I just love it's beautiful color!

Lrong Lim said...

And I thought primrose comes with only 'evening'...
So pretty, this shot...

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