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Bird's eye speedwell-Veronica persica

Bird's-eye speedwell - Veronica persica - is one of the most widespread spring wildflowers.
It is native of Eurasia and now it grows in the United States, and east Asia too.
Although bird's-eye or speedwell is generally seen as a weed, many species in the genera are used and appreciated in gardens as a dense, colorful ground cover.
Bird's-eye speedwell-Veronica persica
Its tiny (8-11 mm wide) flowers have four petals of a sky-blue color with a white center. The flowers have outwards radiating, darker blue stripes. One of the petals is smaller and lighter than the others.
Speedwell has serrated, triangular and hairy leaves.

Veronica persica-Persian speedwell
Speedwell-Birdseye-Veronica persicaThis early spring bloomer ground cover, with its blue flowers is a complement to yellow, white or red spring flowers, like daffodils, narcissus and tulips, in garden bed and borders.
Flower bed with yellow daffodils and speedwell
Another beautiful blue groundcover is the blue Forget-me-not flower, as well as the white and pink Forget-me-nots.


Kathy said...

I'd be pleased to have this weed growing in my yard! It's quite lovely.

Lrong Lim said...

Looks very pretty... am not sure if we have this flower in Japan...

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