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Creeping Phlox ground cover-Moss pink (Phlox subulata)

Creeping Phlox or Moss pink (Phlox subulata) is an early blooming perennial creeper, flowering from April to June and sometimes re blooming for the second time in autumn.
This tiny creeper grows only to 15 cm (6 in.) tall, its evergreen foliage forming an attractive mat of ground cover.
Potted red Creeping Phlox on retaining wall-Moss Phlox
In spring, the plant is covered with a spectacular carpet of flowers of different colors.
The flowers of several ornamental varieties come in violet-lavender, pink-magenta , red-purple or white.
Creeping Phlox-closeup photo
Creeping Phlox is a drought-tolerant plant, it thrives in full sun in any well-drained soil with little maintenance.
Creeping Phlox edging border-Phlox subulata
Moss phlox is a beauty in rock gardens, edging pathways, retaining walls, as well as in pots and hanging planters.
Creeping Phlox-ground cover


Unknown said...

Beautiful flowers.
great photographs.

Kathy said...

Lovely plants ~ lovely pictures!

Shynn said...

very nice shots! i love flowers a lot...

SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful colors, I love this plant. It adds so much color to the yard. I have the lavendar one and would love to add one of those deep pinks.

KK said...

every spring i enjoy seeing the creeping phlox on the walls and sidewalks of a few homes on my street. I have some of the garden phlox but it is not the creeper. your pictures are beautiful.

Jayne said...

I need to try this flower! Your photos are lovely.

Sharon Creech said...

So delicate. . .we have a patch of this in full bloom now.

Jama said...

So beautiful!

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