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Forget-me-nots and tulips-flower bed

A simple flower bed with contrasting, brightly colored flowers can add a whole new dimension to a garden, front yard or backyard.
These yellow tulips with the fine textured Forget-Me-Nots complement each other in a very pleasant way.

A ground-level flower bed of a simple geometrical for, triangular, rectangular or round doesn't require much imaginations or work, though it can be a lovely centerpiece of the yard or garden.
See this flower bed, how the yellow tulips pop out of the blue Forget-Me-Not carpet!

Forget me nots and yellow tulips
These are pretty too!
Forget me nots and white tulips
Flower bed-Forget me nots and yellow tulips


SquirrelQueen said...

You're right, the yellow in the sea of blue and green really pops. I like the simplicity of this bed.

Al said...

What can I say? WOW!

Kathy said...

I like the yellow and blue combination.

Jama said...

Wow, they are just beautiful! During the recent flower show, there's tulips too but due to our tropical heat, they didn't last long.

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