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Lobelia flowers-Lobelia erinus pictures

This delicate plant with its tiny blooms is the Lobelia erinus or the garden lobelia.
I love this little plant and just bought a few young ones for my window boxes.

Lobelia erinus is the most showy of all lobelias and the most popular as ornamental plant.

It blooms from mid spring to early autumn being a lovely plant in borders, window boxes and hanging baskets.
Lobelia erinus picture-blue
Lobelia erinus or edging lobelia grows only to 8–15 cm tall, spreading and covering the space with a mass of electric blue flowers.
Numerous cultivars come in a wide range of colors, including white, pink, red, different shades of blue and purple.
My favorite is the purple-blue one with a white spot in the center.
Lobelia flowers
It does best in well-drained soil in full sunlight, but it needs partial shade in very hot environment.
Lobelia in hanging baskets, borders and window boxes
Blue Lobelia inter-planted with Sweet Alyssum and Creeping Phlox, in rock gardens or as ground cover is a breathtaking show in any garden.

For bog and swamp garden, another lobelia species, the Cardinal flower (Lobelia Cardinalis) with bright red flowers is the perfect plant.


Jayne said...

What a gorgeous color blue! Very pretty.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

A beautiful little flower. I always use lobelia in at least one of my hanging containers in summer. V

Jama said...

The colour is just so lovely. Your garden look so pretty with so much bloom around. I live in a high rise apartment without any garden, not even potted plants but my neighbours do have some along the main corridors which sometime become my target for flower photography. lol

Kathy said...

The little lobelia is a sweet flower and I particularly like it planted along with some white alyssum.

Joanne Olivieri said...

Oh, how beautiful are these and so colorful. Wonderful shots.

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