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Redbud flowers-flowering redbud trees-pictures

Eastern Redbud-Cercis canadensis is native to eastern North America but we also have a few of them in the wild woods of our Botanical garden (nature reserve).
They are in full flower in mid-May and I've captured last week its beautiful pea-like flowers covering the bare stems.
The showy flowers are light pink or magenta, I was so lucky to find both colors here.
These beautiful redbud blossoms are in clusters on branches and even on the trunk.
The heart shaped, bronze color leaves are just emerging, they will turn green in summer and than yellow in autumn.
Eastern Redbud flowering-Cercis canadensis
Here is a pale pink redbud flower macro.
Light pink Redbud flowers-macro-closeup
Redbuds, also known as the Judas trees, are small trees or shrubs. This twisted redbud shrub has spreading branches with just flowers on it.
Redbud bush in flower-Cercis canadensis
Here are the two redbud trees I've found; a pink and a magenta one. They probably look much better in their homeland.
Redbud trees flowering-Cercis canadensis
They bloom late here, in the same time with other trees that have similar pea-like flowers like the Laburnum trees-Golden Rain trees, with bright yellow blooms.

The white flowering shrubs at the right side of the path in this last picture are Diablo Ninebark Shrubs (Physocarpus opulifolius). They have very interesting flowers.


Kathy said...

They also are quite prevalent in the Southern and Midwestern states (the redbud is the state tree of Oklahoma). Here in East Texas they were in full bloom on March 4 of this year due to our warmer climate. They are so beautiful and are the first of the flowering spring trees in our area.

Maia T said...

Thanks Kathy, these trees are just dear guests by us.
In March the landscape was covered with snow here.

Sandy Kessler said...

I love redbuds becasue you can see them so far away sandy

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Hi Maia: A few years ago a friend gave me a small Cercis Canadensis or Red bud tree that grew from seed in her garden. It is on the edge of its zone here. This year we had a few lovely blooms on it. I hope that it continues to grow and bloom in our garden as it really beautiful with its heart shaped leaves. V

Jayne said...

Redbuds are lovely. I'm glad you were able to find some near you to see.

Lrong Lim said...

Excellent pic of the rosebud...

SquirrelQueen said...

Maia, the redbuds are especially beautiful against that gorgeous green of the surrounding trees. The ones in our area didn't have many blooms this year but that's probably because of all the wind and rain.

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