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Gold moss-Sedum sarmentosum ground cover-pictures

Gold moss is in flower right now, in June.
Sedum sarmentosum, on its botanical name, is a fast growing, creeping plant, an Asian member of the big sedum family.
Stringy Stonecrop aka: Star sedum or Graveyard Moss is a low maintenance, spreading plant often used as ground cover. It cascades nicely on stone walls, rock gardens and looks nice in hanging baskets as well.
This hardy, drought tolerant perennial can seed itself anywhere and grows very fast.
The main leaves at the base of the plant are roundish but the flowering, creeping branches have pointed leaves.
It flowers in summer with bright greenish-yellow, star shaped flowers that lend it the names Star Sedum and Yellow Moss.
Gold moss-Sedum sarmentosum flower closeup
The flowering stems rest on top of the foliage, where the name " Stringy Stonecrop" comes from.
Sedum sarmentosum-Stringy Stonecrop flowers and leavesAs a ground cover it can be invasive, but with its shallow roots the plant is easy to control.
Gold moss grows in just about any soil, tolerates well full sun or sun to partial shade.
Flowering gold moss-Sedum sarmentosum


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