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Stellaria holostea flower macro-Greater stitchwort groundcover

This lovely white flower is the Stellaria holostea or Greater Stitchwort. It is the beautiful sister of the common chickweed (Stellaria media).

Greater Stitchwort is a common wildflower growing in woodland and hedgerows, throughout most of Europe.
It flowers from April to June having small white flowers, 2-3cm across.
Each flower petal is deeply divided in the middle. At first glance the flowers look like having 10 petals but there are only five.
Stellaria holostea-Greater Stitchwort macro-closeup
Its grass-like leaves are long and narrow, with rough edges. Like by other chickweed, the buds, flowers and leaves of Greater Stitchwort are edible, being used as a leaf vegetable, in salads.
Stellaria holostea is often cultivated as garden flower in borders and edges, also as a beautiful, white ground cover.
It can grow up to 50cm in height.
Stellaria holostea ground cover-Greater stitchwort
Photo were taken at our Botanical garden, in Cluj-Napoca.


Kathy said...

Very pretty. Had you not pointed out the divided petals, I would certainly have thought there were 10!

Jama said...

So pretty!

Lrong Lim said...

Beautiful macro shot!

Jayne said...

I thought there were 10 petals too, until you pointed out they were divided. Lovely plant.

Anonymous said...

Lovely details of this delicate flower in that macro image Maia.

I have not seen stitchwort blossoms here. Thank you for sharing these photos.

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