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Phlox paniculata-Garden phlox-pictures

Phlox paniculata-Garden phlox is blooming from July till early fall.
Unlike its creeping sister, the Moss phlox, Phlox paniculata is an upright, 0.6-1 m (2-4 ft) tall, colorful perennial.

Its abundant flowers come in compact clusters of white, pink, purple or bi-color, scented flowers.
Many cultivars have a darker eye in the flower center.

They are very ornamental in borders and flower beds.
Phlox paniculata-garden phlox picture
Garden phlox is an easy to grow, drought-resistant perennial and does well on a sunny exposure. Plants planted in the shade and those heavily fertilized are more exposed to diseases.
Phlox paniculata -pink garden phlox
Powdery mildew is a well-known fungus on many ornamental plants like on roses, zinnias, begonias, lilacs and on Phlox, as well.Though many cultivars have a higher resistance to the powdery mildew fungus, some elementary measures should be taken to prevent this nuisance:
/White Phlox paniculata-closeup
White border phlox plantPowdery mildew prevention:
  • Allow air circulation throughout the foliage by properly spacing plants, when planted.
  • Choose an area with adequate sunlight for the plant.
  • Apply fungicides at the first signs of fungus.
  • Remove diseased leaves and affected plant tissue in fall to prevent survival of the fungus over the winter.


Kathy said...

I remember phlox from my grandmother's garden many, many years ago! Am I correct that I also remember that they were fragrant? Oh, yes, now I see you did say they were scented!

Lrong Lim said...

Look so pretty, these flowers... I like the pink one especially...

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