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Purple Shamrock pictures-Love flower-Oxalis triangularis

I've found this Purple Shamrock-Oxalis triangularis, in front of a church.
It is also called Love Plant and I only saw it before indoors, as a house plant. I was surprised to see that it thrives in the over 30C full sun.
It is said that they need lower temperature or they go dormant earlier but I saw this one flowering all summer.

The small flowers of Purple Shamrock are produced in clusters, having a beautiful, light purple-pink color.

The foliage is deep purple with a central blotch of red on each heart-shaped leaflet. The leaves fold down in low light conditions, from sunset till morning light, when they open again.
Purple Shamrock close up-Oxalis triangularis
Oxalis Triangularis are bulbous plants and can be propagated by division of the bulbs during the dormancy period.
Like by any other wood-sorrel, the leaves of Oxalis Triangularis are edible, with moderation. They contain Oxalic acid , that in high quantity can aggravate arthritis, gout, and kidney stones.
Oxalis triangularis-Purple Shamrock-Love flower
Though I see this plant as a delicate house plant, in some parts of the world it seams to be invasive and a nuisance.


Rose Mallow - Lavatera trimestris-pictures and info

Rose Mallow - Lavatera trimestris is a fast growing, heavily blooming annual shrub, indigenous to Europe and naturalized in many parts of the world.

It grows 60-100 cm (2-3 feet) high and produces large, pink-purple or white flowers, resembling hibiscus or hollyhock flowers.
The pink flower petals are crossed by darker purple veins.

Rose mallow is an abundant bloomer, having a long blooming period, from June all the way until September.
Pink Rose Mallow-close up

Growing tips:

  • Though it is an annual, the rose mallow will reseed itself if left to do it.
  • Saw the seed in early spring at the place where the plant will grow, it doesn't like replanting.
  • Rose mallow is a very adaptable plant, there for very easy to grow. It does best in sandy or loamy soil but tolerates clay as well.
  • No need for fertilizer and it is not picky about the PH level of the soil either.
  • It prefers full sun to light shade and average moisture level.
Rose mallow, with its tropical appearance, is a lovely addition to any garden.

Evening primrose-Oenothera photos

So this is the evening primrose!
I had no idea what this flower was when I took this picture. I was very disappointed when I identified as the evening primrose.

Of course I've heard about it but because of the name relationship I was expecting to see something as delicate as the spring primrose, the primula.

As its name says, evening primrose flowers should open in the evening but strangely, I took these photos in the middle of the day.
Evening primrose close-up
The flowers are very large with 5-6cm long petals. This species must be the Oenothera glazioviana, the large-flowered evening primrose on its common name.
Evening primrose plant
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