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Evening primrose-Oenothera photos

So this is the evening primrose!
I had no idea what this flower was when I took this picture. I was very disappointed when I identified as the evening primrose.

Of course I've heard about it but because of the name relationship I was expecting to see something as delicate as the spring primrose, the primula.

As its name says, evening primrose flowers should open in the evening but strangely, I took these photos in the middle of the day.
Evening primrose close-up
The flowers are very large with 5-6cm long petals. This species must be the Oenothera glazioviana, the large-flowered evening primrose on its common name.
Evening primrose plant
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Sivinden said...

Beautiful, yellow flower - I also like your header photo!

Karin M. said...

....fantastische Aufnahmen...ein herrliches Gelb...
LG: Karin

Míriam Luiza said...

Esta flor é linda, mas a foto do seu cabeçalho é mágica!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color Maia!

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