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Chrysanthemum time-beautiful mums

Chrysanthemums, my favorite fall flowers are finally out.
The most beautiful mums are well hidden during October and come to the market just a few days before 1 November, for the Day of the Dead.

The various colors and sizes of the chrysanthemum flowers, covering the entire flower market floor at this time is a breathtaking view. Breathtaking was the pushing-squeezing of the crowds too, the whole town is here to buy mums.
They looked at me like I've lost my mind, taking photos right now, when they have such important shopping to do.
White-purple chrysanthemums
Pink chrysanthemums
Beautiful pink chrysanthemums
I gave up taking more shots and started buying my own flowers.
That's the worse part, I can't choose just a few of these beautiful flowers; just this one with the huge flower head, one more with these pompom-like bloom, I want them all, till my last penny.

So what, nobody is perfect.
Yellow Chrysanthemum bush
Pink chrysanthemum bush

Red Alstroemeria flowers-closeup photos

Alstroemeria flowers, though native to South America, are widely cultivated in European green houses, especially in Holland.

These miniature lilies, also known as Peruvian lilies or Lily of the Incas, are very popular flowers, especially in the cold season, when there are no more garden flowers outdoors.

They come in many colors, ranging from white, golden yellow, and orange, to apricot, pink, red, purple, and lavender but they always have two of the petals painted with vivid markings and strikingly colored spots.

Alstroemeria flowers are long lasting and very showy in flower arrangements. They usually live about two weeks in the vase, if you are lucky enough to buy fresh cut flowers.

Alstroemeria on dark background
Alstroemeria-Peruvian lily closeupI just received these flowers from my cousin and I like how the reddish-pink looks on a dark background.
Red Alstroemeria flowers

Harvest Day in the City

Harvest Day or Harvest Festival is an ancient celebrations of a successful harvest, mainly associated with fruit and vegetables.

In old times farmers celebrated the end of the harvest with a big meal, giving thanks to God for the food grown on the land.

Though held at various times throughout the world, common features of Harvest Day are singing, contests, kids' activities, farmers' market and the most important, eating.
Autumn fruits in a basket
This year Harvest day was held in my town on 1-2 October, Saturday and Sunday, organized by the City.

On Saturday farmers offered their product for a better price (for buyers) than on other days. In the evening, there were fireworks and all kind of entertainment.

Here are a few photos taken on Sunday evening:
Children love these water walking balls, though they are laying most of the time not walking.

Kids in water walking ballsBarbeque is adults' playground, very yummy! I was not happy with all the suffocating smoke but I just had to try some of these goodies.

Meat on barbequeMeat on screwers! Looks tasty too.

Barbeque-meat on screwersSupermarkets and malls are decorated for this day too, being aware that most of us have our crops on their "fields".
Happy Harvest Day everyone!