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Red Alstroemeria flowers-closeup photos

Alstroemeria flowers, though native to South America, are widely cultivated in European green houses, especially in Holland.

These miniature lilies, also known as Peruvian lilies or Lily of the Incas, are very popular flowers, especially in the cold season, when there are no more garden flowers outdoors.

They come in many colors, ranging from white, golden yellow, and orange, to apricot, pink, red, purple, and lavender but they always have two of the petals painted with vivid markings and strikingly colored spots.

Alstroemeria flowers are long lasting and very showy in flower arrangements. They usually live about two weeks in the vase, if you are lucky enough to buy fresh cut flowers.

Alstroemeria on dark background
Alstroemeria-Peruvian lily closeupI just received these flowers from my cousin and I like how the reddish-pink looks on a dark background.
Red Alstroemeria flowers


Kathy said...

These are such fun, sweet little lilies and they are so readily available here even in supermarkets at such an inexpensive price. with their long-lasting blossoms, what's not to love about them. I too like how lovely they look with the dark background. Beautiful shots!

Giga said...

Lubię wszystkie ich kolory w wazonie. Masz rację czerwone na czarnym tle, ładnie się prezentują. Pozdrawiam

Joyful said...

Those are very pretty little flowers.

Kim, USA said...

I love the texture of this flower. The petal looks like have some edges. That is awesome!


Lui said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Love your header!

Jama said...

You captured them beautifully.

Seraphinas Phantasie said...

Just wonderful !

Unknown said...

these are very pretty, love the colors! marvelous shots!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

they grow in the open in Auckland.
We are very lucky in Auckland, we get flowers all year.

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