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Carnations with negative symbolism-photos

In general, carnations symbolize fascination, love and distinction.
They are gorgeous flowers and a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Short before Valentines Day, it is a good idea to check the symbolism of each particular color of carnation, before you gift them.
The various colors of carnation flowers have different meanings and hidden messages attaches to them, some positive and some negative.

While red, pink and white carnations have a positive message, yellow, purple and striped carnations symbolize the opposite.

Carnation flowers with negative symbolism:

Yellow carnations are joyful, warm colored flowers.
Take care though, yellow carnations stand for arrogance, disappointment and rejection.
Yellow Carnation-macro
If you feel disappointed by someone, sending a bouquet of yellow carnations will convey the message. Drowning your sorrows will not help much.
Yellow Carnation means disappointment
Purple carnations stand for capriciousness.

Purple Carnation-macro
while striped carnations symbolize refusal and/or regret.
Red striped carnation-closeup


Giga said...

Podoba mi się Twoja mowa kwiatów. Zdjęcia goździków są śliczne. Pozdrawiam. *** I like your laid flowers. Photos carnations are beautiful. Yours.

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