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Carnations with positive symbolism

Carnation, also called clove pink and gillyflower is the birth flower for people born in the month of January.
In general, carnations symbolize fascination, love and distinction.

Most of us appreciate their beauty regardless of the meaning attached to the flower color.
It is a good idea though to check the symbolism of each particular color of carnation to avoid hurting someones feelings.
The various colors of carnation flowers have different meanings and hidden messages attaches to them, some positive and some negative.

Carnations with positive meaning:

- Dark red Carnation means deep love and a woman's affection.

Red carnation flower with greenery
White carnations symbolize pure love and good luck.

Red and white carnation flowers
- Light red carnation means admiration.

Light-red carnation-macro
The pink carnation is the symbol of a mother's undying love.

Pink carnation-macroUnlike the above gillyflowers, the yellow, purple and striped carnations have a negative symbolism attached to them.


Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Gorgeous photos Maia. V

Giga said...

Ja bardzo zawsze lubiłam goździki. One oprócz symboliki o której piszesz, są ładne, pachnące i długo stoją w wazonie. Bardzo ładne zdjęcia zrobiłaś im. Pozdrawiam. *** I really always liked cloves. One addition to the symbolism of which you write, are nice, fragrant and long-standing in a vase. Very nice pictures you've done them. Yours.

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