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Dutch yellow crocus flower-Crocus flavus-pictures

We've had another warm, sunny day today, the perfect day for spring flower photography.

I went for a walk early in the afternoon and I found these gorgeous, deep golden yellow crocuses in a small, yet empty flower bed near the sidewalk.
Yellow and white crocuses were smiling at the passers-by but, to my luck, not many of them had the time to notice their beauty.

This is the Dutch yellow crocus (Crocus flavus or Crocus luteus), it grows wild in Eastern Europe but it's the first time I see one.
This small crocus is just 5-6 cm tall and blooms shortly after snowdrops, with bright orange-yellow flowers.
Dutch yellow crocus -Crocus flavus
As the sun goes down, these yellow Crocus flowers close up for the night. They will open again in the morning and I'll be there to watch them greeting the day because I left my glasses there, somewhere near them.
Yellow crocus with closed flowers-Crocus luteus
See also our autumn flowering, purple crocus.


SquirrelQueen said...

Oh Maia, those yellow crocus are so beautiful. I have never seen that color before either but I would love to have some in my garden.

Lui said...

Such lovely clear shots, Maia! And I hope you got your glasses back!

Karin M. said...

Such wonderful yellow crocus, beautiful photos...
Greetings Karin

Jayne said...

Very beautiful, Maia.

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