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Joy of spring-rushing the season

Nature's rebirth feels us with hope and joy each year, at springtime. These positive feelings are responsible for people always being tempted to rush this wonderful season.

All the snow is not even melted and the March wind is roaring, trying to blow the winter wind away, still I can feel spring is around the corner.
The bright sunlight of the first days of March is very inviting but I start shivering just looking at the trees swinging in the strong wind.

It's so true that the difference between the first day of spring and the first spring day is sometimes as great as a month (quoted from Henry Van Dyke).

It's also true that no winter lasts forever and no spring skips its turn but only passing though a cold winter can we truly appreciate spring's fairy offerings.

I may be rushing things a bit with this cheery blossom picture but I can't wait to see the real ones.
White cherry blossoms on tree branch against the blue sky
When the buds open upon the trees and their fragrance fill the air, I'll know than, it's spring!


Giga said...

Marzy mi się też wiosna, ta majowa jak kwitną drzewa :-). Będzie wyglądało, jak na Twoim ślicznym zdjęciu. Pozdrawiam. ***I dream of a spring, as is the May tree blossom :-). It will look like on your lovely picture. Yours.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Wonderful photo.

Regards and best wishes

Lrong Lim said...

Am waiting for the cherry blossoms to come a-flowering...

Lui said...

What a pretty burst of beautiful blooms, Maia!

Jayne said...

What beautiful blooms Maia.

Kala said...

Gorgeous light and details in this image of spring blooms, Maia.

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