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Aubrieta x cultorum "Cascade Purple"-flowering plant images

Aubrieta 'Cascade Purple'- Rock Cress is a popular spring-flowering, evergreen perennial, member of the cabbage family (Brassicaceae).
This hardy, low spreading plant inhabits rocks and banks throughout Europe and Asia, forming a showy mat of purple flowers for several weeks, in April - May.

Aubrieta plants, also known as Aubretia, are 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) in height with a spread of 30-60 cm (12-23 inches).

Combined with other spring flowering perennials like Golden Alyssum and Evergreen Candytuft, or the white Snow-in-Summer, purple Aubrieta creates a breathtaking spring display along pathway edges, rock walls and containers.
Aubrieta Purple ascade-closeup
Aubrieta x cultorum Cascade Purple

Growing Conditions:

  • Exposure:
    full sun or partial shade
  • Soil:
    light, well-drained, sandy or normal
  • Flower Colour:
    violet, pink or white
  • Blooming Time:
    mid spring - early summer
  • Foliage:
    grey -green
  • Plant uses:
    rock gardens, container, edging, ground cover.


Alyssum saxatile - Rockcress images and description

Alyssum saxatile - Aurinia saxatilis, is a hardy, evergreen perennial, very popular for rock gardens, edging garden beds or as groundcover plant.
Basket of Gold and Golden dust are come of the common names of this plant.

It grows 15 - 20 cm in height and spreads out, creating a dense cover.
Alyssum saxatile blooms from April until May with tiny, golden yellow flowers covering completely the plant.
Alyssum saxatile-Basket Of Gold closeup photo
Alyssum saxatile plant-flowers and foliage

Growing Conditions:

  • full sun on open position is a must
  • soil has to be free draining, sandy and chalky
  • feeding is not necessary but a small amount of complete plant food in early spring could be beneficial.
  • propagation is from seeds sown in fall.
There are various cultivars producing white, cream and lemon flowers as well.

Combined with other spring flowering perennials like Purple Aubrieta cascade and Evergreen Candytuft, Golden dust creates a breathtaking spring display.

Flowering Malus 'Van Eseltine'-crabapple tree blossoms

Flowering crabapple trees, just like flowering almonds, create a great visual impact in the spring landscape.
Malus Van Eseltine is a charming crabapple hybrid with narrow, upright growth, reaching up to 4m in height.

It produces showy, scented, semi double and double, pink flowers at the end of April, a great attraction to bees.
The mid-green leaves on the irregular branches of the Van Eseltine crab apple emerge at the same time as the blossoms. Its edible, small fruits are yellow, sometimes with a red tone.
Malus 'Van Eseltine' flowers on branches against the blue sky
Malus 'Van Eseltine' blossoms - crabapple flower close-up picture
This ornamental tree makes an incredible accent for a smaller garden or a narrow yard.

Flowering almond - Prunus triloba-pink shrubs

Flowering almond - Prunus triloba is one of the most beautiful spring flowering shrubs, sometimes becoming small trees.

The flowers of this shrubby cherry are of a pale pink color, covering entirely its bare branches.

The double flowered form, Prunus triloba 'Multiplex', has amazing double, pink flowers, a breathtaking show in the landscape in mid-spring.

Flowering almond - Prunus triloba Multiplex
Double Flowering Plum-Prunus triloba Have a look at some beautiful, pink crabapple blossoms too.