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Snow-in-Summer flowers-Cerastium tomentosum photos

This lovely, snow white flower is the Snow-in-Summer - Cerastium tomentosum, another member of the carnation family.

This perennial plant blooms from May into June, providing a mass of tiny, white flowers over a silver-gray foliage. There's
Snow-in-Summer grows 15-20 cm (6-8 inches) tall, though it can grow much taller if it has to compete with other flowers for sunlight.
Like all members of the genera Cerastium and Stellaria, this plant is a chick-weed, spreading very fast, maybe too fast sometimes.

These are the Snow-in-Summer flowers with five waxy petals. In the photo bellow, the similarity with the Stellaria flowers mentioned above, is obvious.
Snow-in-Summer flower closeup - Cerastium tomentosum
It will thrive in full sun, in normal soil and is even drought tolerant, to a certain extent.
Its spreading habit makes this plant a popular ground cover and a lovely addition to rock gardens, edgings and containers.
Snow-in-Summer flowers and silver foliage
A spectacular show can be achieved in the landscape when planted in the company of other colorful, mat forming ground cover plants like Purple Aubrieta, pink creeping phlox and yellow Basket of Gold.


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